"A Woman to Watch"
MS Magazine

"Critic's Choice"
London Times

"Funny Girl"
Elle Magazine


"Ms Chaplin" Business Times

"A Rebel With A Cause" CNBC

"Acid tongued, barracuda brained blonde bombshell" Kakiseni

"An adorable little bundle of funny" Menīs Review

"Karen Loftus' "American Woman" was an evening of wild and roaring laughter that was totally infectious. Her observations are exceedingly sharp and her impersonations of the characters she brings to life in her casual and charming style is simply funny to the bone."
The Malay Mail

"Very blonde, very cute, very perky and very funny. Karen - who has one of the most infectious high-pitched giggles, is going to be a huge stand-up star. Scotland isn't going to know what's hit it."

"Sexbomb funnygirl is a sure fire hit, set to be one of the first women to break through."
The Scottish Sun

"This kind of artist brings a different flavor to the comedy circuit."
The List

"With her infectious giggle and casual deployment of therapy-speak, Karen claims to be "dumber than a bucket of hair." She ain't though, and her motor mouthed schtick is sharp and funny enough to draw blood."
The Scottish Herald

"Karen Loftus is a feisty chick keeping the flag flying in comedy macho land."
The Scotsman

"Few other comedians could make a man crawl at their feet as recompense for going to the bar."
The Stage

"Karen Loftus, with her cute kittenish looks and charm, should not be mistaken for a pushover. Her razor sharp wit is sure to put any leeching heckler right in their place."
Gulf Today